Bodhi Seed Bracelet

There was a time that I had a collection of different bracelets that I wore to match my clothing. I had wooden bangles, silver bangles, gemstone bracelets, and more. I even made bracelets from gemstone beads. However, over time, I gravitated more and more towards simply wearing my bodhi seed bracelet. Now it's pretty much all I wear.

In Buddhism, the Buddha happened to be sitting underneath a bodhi tree when he finally reached enlightenment. A bodhi tree is a type of fig tree. Its leaves are heart shaped, and the seeds / nuts of the trees are often used in jewelry making.

Wearing a bodhi seed bracelet can help remind you to be compassionate and kind towards others and yourself. Also, the bracelet can be used as a form of mala. A mala was first used in religions in China and Japan, and was later adopted by Christians who came across the practice and found it useful. In essence, you start at one bead and you recite a prayer or mantra. Then you move to the next bead. The beads help you to keep track of your place. Eventually you get back around to the "beginning" and know that you have completed a circuit.

In meditation this process can help you release troubling throughs from your mind, as you focus simply on the beads and the words you are saying.

Here is my bodhi seed bracelet. I know I had it at least in May 2010, and at that point I had it for "a while" - but I'm not sure when I actually bought it. I think I got it in March 2008 when I ordered my meditation pillow, and that both were fair trade to support Tibet.

Bodhi Seed Bracelet

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Bodhi Seed Bracelet

Bodhi Seed Bracelet

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