Malachite Spiral - Polymer Clay Pendants

I adore this piece! I have always loved motion in artistry. In high school, I was docent for a museum exhibit where a ball would drop from wire cage to wire track, moving in circles and spirals. I could watch it for hours.

Malachite Spiral Polymer Clay Pendant Malachite was adored by the Greeks and Egyptians, and no wonder - the rich green color, the textures. Malachite represents hope and peace. It is the guardian stone of security, of travel.

I made this piece by creating a channel for the wire and gemstone, but baked it without either. I then super-glued the wire into place once the pendant had cooled.

There's a funny story here. My boyfriend was with me while I was making this, and I showed him what I was doing. I curled one spiral on one side of the gemstone, tried it out for fit, then curled the other side. I showed it to him, proud of my progress.

Malachite Spiral Polymer Clay Pendant

My boyfriend looked up at me. I realized that I had not put the gemstone on the wire! So I said, "And then we jump OUT of the rabbit .... oh. Perhaps if we made a giant badger ..." I had to uncurl one side, put on the malachite gemstone, and then recurl it again.

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