Heart Romantic Polymer Clay Journals

Are you writing love notes? Composing poetry? Keeping track of the days with your loved one, or writing down your dreams of a future soulmate? These are the journals to help you keep your inspirations!

Heart Polymer Clay Journal

This heart journal was created with black polymer clay, run through a pasta machine. I pressed a wrought iron design sheet into the top for texture. I cut the back off a heart shaped button to press it into the cover. I carve out the holes on the left before baking.

For the insides, I began with sheets of 3.4" x 3.4" memo paper, colored light green. I have a Swingline hole punch that is great for creating two holes evenly without any fuss. Then comes the connection. I use brads from Michael's - they come in a variety of silver and bronze styles.

I hand curled a stretch of wire into a spiral for the bottom right corner, it's a signature I like to put on my journals.

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Romantic Polymer Clay Journals

Polymer Clay Journals

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