PMC Cutting Board

One of the most important - and cheapest - supplies I got for my PMC clay is a cutting board. I got a special cutting board only for use with PMC. I don't even use it for my polymer clay. Why does it need to be kept apart?

PMC clay is going into a kiln and any impurities will burn away. They will therefore leave "pits" in your finished product, where those indented objects were! You don't want any other polymer clay or food bits or anything else doing that to your PMC objects. You want your cutting board to be used only for PMC - nothing else.

So get a brightly colored cutting board that you will never mistake for something else. Get separate cutting boards for polymer clay use and of course for food use. Don't mix any of these with each other. Have each be an entirely separate color and clearly labeled for the purpose, maybe with a Sharpie.

They're cheap, and it really makes a big difference in your finished prdoucts.

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