Rubbermaid Storage Container

I want to note first you don't have to get your storage container from Rubbermaid! I just find these store shut very well and keep all of my PMC supplies organized. Any Tupperware like storage container will do nicely.

The key is that you want your PMC items separate from all other crafting items - especially from your polymer clay crafting items. You don't want any little bits of other clay or gunk getting onto your scissors, rolling pins or anything else. Those will end up getting embedded into your PMC creations, burning off in the kiln and leaving pits on your finished object. That won't be good!

Label your storage container clearly so you can find it easily in your closet or shelves. A see-through container is great so you can tell what's in it! I have two of these for my PMC items. One holds the actual clay and molds and sheets. The other holds "harder objects" like my ring sizing tool. That way the hard objects don't end up denting the clay.

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