S2 Squire Watch Review

I am a very visual person. The timer I use for exercise and other activities has a big red dial on it that I can glance at and easily see how much time is left. It's just the way I work. I love this watch because it's the same way!

Plastic rotating layers open little "windows" around the current hour, minute, and second. They spin. The colors beneath are a rainbow, so you can see by the colors and the direction they're in what time it is, without even having to see any hour hand or minute hand. It's great! It's pretty!

For me the big drawback is the metal segmented band. This catches in my arm hair and bugs me, so I don't wear it. If I could just get the band replaced, I might actually wear and use this more often! Also it's a little on the large side. They claim it's unisex but I'd rather have a slightly smaller version.

I'll post an update if I'm able to get a replacement band for this that is not metal links!

This takes a SR626SW battery - i.e. a 377 size.

S2 Squire

S2 Squire

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