Timex Expedition Watch Review

When we were preparing to go on a snorkelling trip, I decided I definitely needed a watch that I could wear underwater. After a number of searches I decided on the Timex Expedition.

Our trip was going to be in a non-home timezone, so I liked that it lets you easily track two different time zones and with the push of a button know what time it is back "home", in case you have to call there. It has a one-touch button that lights the watch up for nighttime use. I like that the watch shows the date right on top. Since I work from home and work all day every day, I can sometimes forget what specific day it is.

The water resistance was of course a key feature for it. I have worn this watch for years now, and it has done very well in salt water, fresh water, and I even wear it to water aerobics and water yoga sessions. It does well in all of these sitautions.

I've replaced the band once because the velcro began to wear out. The band changing operation was quick and easy. A down side of the band is that the watch is at one end of the long band. Usually on watches the watch unit sits in the middle. So while with most watches I can lay them on my dresser and have them be fairly flat, with this one the long band always tries to curl up.

I've had to replace the battery twice now. The Black Timex Expedition uses a standard 2016 watch battery.

Well recommended!

Timex Expedition

Timex Expedition

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