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All ads at are done on a CPM basis - Cost Per Thousand. Our traffic is so high at that a given ad campaign normally lasts 2-3 weeks. Once your run is complete, you can choose to renew.

Once you put in your deposit and create an account, you will then have access to an administrative interface on that gives you full control over your campaign. You can load up banner and newsletter ads. You can use a different URL for each ad for tracking purposes. You can activate and deactivate ads as you go, turning off the less performing ads and fine tuning the best performing ads.

Each time a webpage with your ad is shown to a visitor, a traffic counter for that particular ad increments by one. If for example the ad's rate is $5 CPM, then when that counter clicks through 1,000 ad views, your total deposit will have decremented by $5. Your cost for the ad is $5 for every thousand shown.

Let's say you despoit $100. will keep running your ads until your full deposit has been depleted. Our site is managed manually so we often let ads run for longer than the $100, but you are not "charged extra". You put in $100 at the beginning, and as a result you get at least $100 worth of advertising on the site. When we finally do take your ads down, it is up to you whether to deposit more money or not. If you choose to send us another $100, we turn your ads back on again.

We provide online reporting 24x7 of impressions (the number of time each ad has been viewed) Note we do NOT track clicks. There's a reason for this. Every ad we show for you links directly to your website, not to an intermediate "click tracking" URL. By doing this, Google gives you the best results of seeing all those links directly to your site. It greatly enhances your Google ranking. To know how many people clicked on your link, make sure you have a tracking code set up on your end to know which visitors come from our site. You can't rely on log files to tell you that - many people have set up their browsers to not report "where they came from" for privacy reasons.

We begin with a $50 or $100 initial deposit. This is your balance against which your ads are charged. You can apply that deposit to any type of ad you wish. You can use that deposit all for newsletter ads, all for top banner ads, or any other combination. You may change your ad mix during the campaign as you see what works for your particular needs. As your ads are shown to visitors, the "remaining balance" in your account slowly decreases until it reaches zero. When your balance reaches zero, your ad campaign is complete.

Ad Campaign Example
You want to run ads for your medieval romance novel. You choose to run top banner ads - one with a female image, one with a male image, and one with a landscape image. You watch the ads run for a week and see that the ad does really well with the landscape but not with the male or female images. You then deactivate the male and female image ads ads, and just continue to run the landscape image ad for the rest of your campaign.

Visit our Media Kit for sample graphic sizes and ad text.

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