Media Kit - Advertising is a site intended to help people live happier, better lives. Our ads pay our hosting fees, and do not exist to make us a profit. Our visitors have made us one of the largest personal sites in the world because they trust us and respect the content we provide. We are therefore careful about the types of ads we run on our site and shy away from anything offensive or obtrusive.

We do not have any file size limitations on our ads, but remember, the slower your ad is to load, the less likely a user on dial-up will wait to see it.

Here are samples of the ad sizes we run.

468 wide x 60 high ("Banners")
These banners run at the top and bottom of every page on our site. We accept both static images and gently animated files, but we do not accept any flashing or jiggling graphics.

120 wide x 600 high ("Skyscrapers")
These banners can be seen on the left and right side of every page on our site. No flashing or jiggling ads.

Text ads for our newsletters
We do NOT recommend you sign up for advertising solely based on newsletter ads. They are at best considered an "additional bonus" to supplement your graphic ad run. Also, keep in mind that these are text newsletters and therefore text ads. You cannot include any HTML at all, including images. You want to be sure your URL line is under 80 characters long, since many email programs will wrap a line at 80 characters.

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