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If you've read the LisaShea advertising information, and understand just how targeted and exceptional the advertising opportunities are here at, let's get you started on the path to success!

Our advertising plan starts with a $50 or $100 deposit. You put this amount into your LisaShea advertising account, and load in ads with our online interface. When you start running ads with us on our site, the payment for those ads starts to deduct from your balance. You can change your ad mix as you go, rotating different ads to optimize your ad experience. When your balance eventually reaches zero, you can decide to do another round with us or to wait for a later date.

For your advertising deposit, we accept PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. The button below will send you to PayPal, where you can choose your method of payment. Click the payment button below to begin! After you pay Be Sure to Follow the Final Link. This will send you back to to begin setting up your account.

Appropriate Ads
We have extremely loyal visitors at and have seen clickthrough rates of 10 to 100 times the industry standard rates on high quality, targeted ads in sites. However, we get vocal complaints when ads are run that are inappropriate for our site. For this reason, we are afraid that we cannot accept ads for:

adult themes
get rich quick / get fast cash pages

Let me reiterate, because we seem to have a few people trying to make money by mis-using our visitors. We DO NOT accept ads that claim "become a millionaire!" or "get rich quick!". We DO NOT accept ads that tell people they will make a lot of money, without explicitly describing what the tasks involved are. We DO NOT accept ads where a person has to put in private information before they receive details. For all we know, those websites are identity theft sites. Our visitors are furious when we link to these sites, feeling that they are going to have their identity stolen. We do not have the ability to hire an investigator and verify what you are doing with this personal information.

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$50 Deposit

$100 Deposit

If you are looking to purchase a large volume of advertising - over 500,000 ads in a given month - please contact Our Advertising Department for the paperwork to set that up.

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