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A text link is a paid link that a company uses to artificially increase their Google ranking. Usually text links are done as part of a "link farm" setup - a way to deceive Google and other search engines into thinking that the site is being heavily linked to because it has great content. In years past, many questionable sites obtained very high rankings in Google because Google's automated utilities would see hundreds of links going into a site and figure that the site must be of high value.

Because of these deceptive practices, Google and other engines now heavily penalize - and often completely ban - sites that participate in text link promotions and link farming.

LisaShea.com has always received a very high ranking from Google, often if not usually occupying the #1 search result location. I have achieved this high quality rating for several reasons. First, my site has been around for many years and has a proven track record of quality content. Next, my site provides tens of thousands of pages of this quality content, each written by me on the topic it claims to be about. I never try to trick users with inappropriate content or with ad links disguised as content links. Finally, my site gets over 2 million pageviews a month from visitors who return frequently. My visitors have in essence voted for me with their clicks, showing Google and other engines that I provide a resource worth returning to.

For all of these reasons, LisaShea.com can never participate in any text links or link exchange. To do so would risk my quality ratings both with search engines and with my visitors. I cannot jeopardize the great trust placed in me by entering into any arrangement that could be questioned by search engines.

As an added comment, with over 20,000 pages on this system, it would be physically impossible for me to maintain text links manually. It is simply not worth the time and effort, no matter what payment is offered. The banner ad system is fully automated.

If you wish to enter into an advertising arrangement with me, that is quite fine! Ads are always clearly labelled as ads, and are accepted by both visitors and search engines as such. My banner ads get extremely high clickthrough rates - up to 10% or more - because my visitors trust me greatly and because I run so few ads. The ads I do show are seen and paid attention to.

Feel free to read the other pages in this area to understand further how this advertising system works.

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