Kimberly Watercolor Pencils

When I first decided to get into drawing / painting, the first thought was what to work WITH. I wanted something simple, that would not make a mess, that I could try to practice with every day. The solution seemed to be the Kimberly Watercolor Pencils.

You get 24 colors in a set. There are the basics - red, brown, white, black - as well as more subtle shades such as carmine and heliotrope. The pencils are a standard pencil length and circumference, making them easy to hold and a normal sharpener can keep them sharp.

I've been using them on sketch paper and do like the way the colors blend. Here's my take on an apple -

One odd thing - when I did the first set of drawings, they appeared to me to be really dark and dense in color. Then several days later I went back to look at them and they seemed REALLY light. I don't imagine the pencil "faded", but I imagine it's more likely I was working on the drawings in the evening with low light, and then was examining the drawings in bright light. So the light you use is definitely going to make a difference here.

I've been experimenting with the "watercolor" aspect of these pencils - dragging a wet brush across the drawing to meld and merge the colors together. While it is neat, it also drags the color outside the edges, so to speak, so this seems to be an acquired talent :)

In general I do enjoy these very much and like the color variety. I will post updates as I get more familiar with them! If anybody has used these and has suggestions, please let me know!

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