Strathmore Sketch Pad 9x12

When I first decided to get into drawing / painting, I needed something to draw ON. I decided to go with the Strathmore Sketch Pad, sized 9"x12" with spiral binding on the leftmost side. Yes this is fairly hefty, with 100 sheets of 60 pound paper in it! However, this is intended for home use. The weight isn't an issue - and this way I don't feel "hemmed in" by the sides of a too-small piece of paper.

I got watercolor pencils to work with this and like the light texture of this paper. It gives me a nice feeling of "drawing on canvas" which appeals to me. The color of the pencils against the paper is nice and rich and dark. Here is an leaf I drew with my watercolor pencils on the Strathmore Sketch Pad.

It is a nice size for sitting on my lap while I work on things. Normally I do not fill the entire page with one image - I am drawing a variety of little things on different parts of the page. Again, I suppose you could say I could therefore have a tiny notepad and use that instead. However, I like the solidity of having the large pad across my lap, and the ability to do large and small things at my leisure.

Also, I really like the side binding. It opens like a book. It's a journal of my drawing. Well, it COULD be a journal of my drawing :) However, since I am playing with watercolor pencils, which I then drag a wet brush over, I am actually ripping out the pages before I do that so they do not dampen and damage the remaining pages in the book. So it will act as a journal of anything I don't dampen which is so far nothing :)

Still, a minor complaint and obviously an issue of my own doing.

Highly recommended!

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