Artelier Palette

I love both watercolor and acrylic painting. With watercolors, if a square of watercolor dries, that's fine, you just add water back into it. But with acrylics it's trickier. You want to get that old, dried paint out of the palette so you can reuse the palette. But with many palettes that's a rough task.

Artelier Palette I am incredibly pleased with the Artelier peel-off paint palette. First, it's all plastic, with a rubber gasket around the lid edge. That makes it light and easy to carry around. The whole top comes off and you can even use the inside of the top for paint if you want. I wouldn't, because a feature of this is that you can store paint in here from session to session. Just seal the lid with the clips on all four sides and it's easy to carry around. A few days later you can go back and use the paint some more.

Sure, the paint won't last forever, but it adds life that you'd otherwise lose.

As far as cleanup when the paint DOES dry, I'm quite impressed. It was super easy to peel off the paint from the plastic surface. You might need a fingernail to get it started, but then off it comes. Easy and quick.

Highly recommended.

I purchased this with my own funds for my painting projects.

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