Artist's Loft Watercolors 36 colors

When I first started experimenting with watercolors, I started at the very basics. I tried the simple 8-color and 12-color kits that you find in most stores. I found them adequate to practice with, and it proved the concept that I enjoyed watercoloring enough to move forward. I Then gave the Artist's Loft 36 Color Watercolors a try.

Artist's Loft Watercolors 36 colors I have to admit that I find the container, with its bubble-eye domes over each color, to be quite cool looking. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Maybe that encourages me to watercolor more often? Who knows - but it's certainly not a bad thing.

The brush that comes with the kit tends to shed a lot. So I'd recommend rinsing it with water for a while before you start using it, to shake loose the stray hairs.

An up side of having 36 colors right there is that if you always tend to paint with "tangerine" you don't have to mix it up every time. It's right there for you. It might be that you never, ever, use powder blue. And that's OK. Part of what this kit is good for is to help you learn what your personal preferences are in colors. Then, when / if you start using tube paints, you can know which ones you want to get. Each of us is different and we each gravitate toward different colors. That's fine! It'll be natural for you to use more of some colors and less of others.

I admit it feels a bit wasteful to me to have colors go unused. I don't want to throw out the tray with untouched colors in it. Sure, I could keep them - but if I really don't use those colors, isn't it adding to the clutter around here? Maybe there should be a color donation facility so we can all swap around colors we don't use :). Someone out there never uses tangerine, and I would love having more of that.

In any case, a great kit, a fun container, and a good product.

I bought my Artist's Loft kit at Michael's, to do my watercoloring with.

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