Artist's Loft Brushes 10-piece set

I do a lot of things with watercolors. Yes, I sometimes paint landscapes on large pieces of paper. But I also paint thin pieces of paper and fold them into origami. I do huge origami lotus flowers and tiny delicate ones. I need an array of brushes to fit the various needs. The Artist's Loft 10-piece brush set offers 10 different brushes in a range of sizes.

Artist's Loft Brushes 10-piece set There are the tiny brushes with the smallest possible tip, perfect for adding those delicate details onto the ends of the flowers. Then there are the massive, thick brushes, which are good for laying a swath of golden yellow down onto the large petals for a centerpiece.

I've used these on a variety of papers and other substances. They've worked well. They rinse well. I like that the holder for them is a ziplock pouch so it's easy to keep them all in there together. I add in other brushes that I have as well.

Yes, at the beginning a few hairs came out - but I've found that with all my brushes. I haven't seen that this is any different than normal. Maybe it's the price range of the brushes I buy? Maybe the very expensive ones don't shed a hair or two at the beginning? I'm not sure that matters much to me. You pick them out and then go on painting.

So all in all I'm pleased with the quality and the range of sizes.

I bought my Artist's Loft kit at Michael's, to do my watercoloring with.

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