Watercolor Step by Step - Bobby Mayer, Jr.

Watercolor Step by Step - Bobby Mayer, Jr. Watercolor Step by Step by Bobby Mayer, Jr. is an 8 1/2" x 11" full color 46-page example book of 15 example paintings. This isn't meant as a beginner's how-to book. It's meant to provide examples to people who have practiced a bit with the basics.

The book nicely lays flat and starts with a few pages of basics - colors, paper types, brushes, and quick notes on preparing for painting. These are areas that actual "learn how to watercolor" books spend chapters on. Instead, Mayer assumes you know all of that and are ready to start painting some images.

Each artist has a style, and it's no surprise that all examples in here tend to follow a certain style. They have a dark feel to them and there aren't many vibrant colors. You might get the red of an aging barn, or the rose of a petal, but in general it's dark trees against a peach sunset, dark water lilies against a darker water, a fox lounging in a dark tree, and so on. The snowy landscape has dark trees. I'm not making a judgement - the images are certainly lovely! It's just wise to glance through various books when you're choosing one. If your style is all bright, light pastels, or super-saturated high-color florals, this might not match what you'd like examples of. Then again, for someone who likes this kind of style, the book could be absolutely perfect.

For example, out of the watercolors here I personally like the sunset and the mimosa blossoms. Those are the color sets I am drawn to. That's why it's good we have so many books out there, because we're all different and we all like different colors.

I suppose that's the downside of buying a book online vs being able to flip through it in a store. In a store you can tell if the images are ones you'd like. Online, unless there's a "look inside", you're sort of stuck. To help, I've loaded in the table of contents page for you to look at. The images are tiny, but I couldn't show larger ones without violating copyright. Hopefully these small thumbnails will help you at least get a sense of the examples. Watercolor Step by Step - Bobby Mayer, Jr.

So if you know how to watercolor and you'd like to learn how to do this particular style, this book will be good for you. Five stars for that purpose. For people who aren't interested in learning this style, there are numerous other books out there on other styles.

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