Star Guide to Guys

Having a book to categorize guys seems to be a perennial favorite. I remember when I was a teenager, I had some sort of a "guide to love" that figured out which guys and girls would match up best based on their signs. It's funny how these books always seem to be written FOR women, and ABOUT guys. I imagine guys just go for whoever seems sexiest to them - while girls are hoping for something a little more meaningful.

To her credit, Elizabeth Perkins warns you up front that no person is ever going to be 100% like their Sun Sign. Astrology - assuming you believe in it of course - is a complex science. It's not just where the sun is - it's where the moon is and all the other planets. That is why two people who are both "Capricorns" can be wildly different. The exact location, date and time down to the second all affect how the sign behaves.

Still, you can get a general idea of how a given guy will act - and how well it will match up with your own personality. If you believe in astrology, you can say it's because of the planets. Even if you don't believe in astrology though, it's worth noting that if someone is told from the moment they're born that "Oh, you're an Aquarius - you're creative" - it reinforces that trait in the person. So in a way, the fact that a large number of people who believe in astrology are promoting it, it means that children growing up actually start to be the way they're told they "should" be.

That all being said, I have a few issues with this book. The first section of the book is a basic overview of what guys are like based on their sun sign. Capricorn - "Coffee, chocolate, Capricorn men ... some things are just better rich." I realize this is in jest, but are we really back in the days that women only cared about a 'rich man'? I know several miserable women who have wealth but cry themselves to sleep.

Also, some of the definitions seem VERY narrow. I know the standard definitions for a taurus. My dad is one, my boyfriend is one. My stepmom was an astrologer. Comfort, home, tradition. But here they say he ONLY eats meat and potatoes. I don't think so. They always finish projects immediately? Hah!

The second section is on women - i.e. "to know yourself" - with little quick reviews on how that woman relates to the various signs. I think any woman could spin to any sign at random and identify with it. The descriptions are all rather vague. I realize that's part of astrology - it has to fit 1/12th of the entire human population - but still, with the guy section being laser-focussed, it's the opposite to have the women's section be so general.

It's also a little tough that pretty much every pairing is described as being a challenge :) None of them are recommended as 'easier' - they are all going to be difficult, just for different reasons. It's of course healthy to realize that any relationship requires work and daily effort to succeed - but does it have to be so rough in life?

A great deal of fun, as long as you take it as a way to explore your own needs and the needs of your partner without tying down either of you to the set, printed description. Astrology Basics Main Page