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While I was going through this process I was posting every hour at times, trying to just survive the procedure. However, once those splints came out of my nose, it was like I was a sane human being again. I suddenly was free of it all. It was literally Setember 8th - over a month from when I began it all - that I finally came back online to talk about the aftermath of this all.

Well first, my singing voice hasn't improved :) So these nose clearings didn't miraculously change my vocal chords. I did continue to spray aerosolize my nose daily and clean it with q-tips for another week (well Bob did those things for me). I had no problems at all with scabs or anything. My nose grew progressively less sore and at this point it feels like a "normal nose" again. I can breathe MUCH easier now. Before if I closed up one nostril with a finger I couldn't breathe through the other one. Now I can breathe through both of them quite easily. That of course was the main goal here. Your body needs oxygen. If it isn't getting enough, then that is going to damage your health for your entire life.

Would I do it again? I'm still slightly tweaked about this new "more twisted" outside. I try to think I'm not vain - but on the other hand I don't think I would pay for someone to mangle my face, since I have to go to public events to represent a 20-million-pageview-a-month website. I need to be able to make at least a reasonable first impression on people. I was content with my previously off-kilter nose. I guess I will grow to be content with my more-twisted nose. Still, I had talked about the nose with my doctor before we began this all. So I'm not quite sure that the way things played out was what I would have hoped for (in terms of her asking me - after I'd been "tortured" - if I still wanted the full surgery done or only part of it).

The recovery was survivable. Lots of rest, lots of squishy food. I know now to follow instructions about stool softeners. I'm sure people go through FAR worse recovery for other types of surgery.

All in all I'm glad I did it and I should have done it years ago. I'm glad I can breathe now. I am sure that being able to breathe will have a huge impact on my quality of life for many decades.

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