Deviated Septum Surgery Tips Photos
Before and After

I had originally wanted the outer line of my nose straightened as well as the inside tubes. I figure if both of them are in alignment that I get the best possible breathing through my system. Unfortunately my doctor waited until I was in a near-panic state after a half hour of failed needle-in-arm attempts before coming over and asking "so you're sure you want to do this?" At which point I said "just get it over as fast as you can!!!". So the inner tubes were straightened but the outside wasn't, which makes me wonder just how straight the inside can be.

But in any case, if you set your screen wide enough, you should be able to see these two images side by side and see how they compare. The left is BEFORE. The right is immediately after the internal nose splints were removed, 16 days after surgery. I want to note that my nose was just "traumatized" in this after photo so this isn't a real, "final" photo but at least it's a status update.

Deviated Septum Surgery Tips Photos Deviated septum photo

It's sort of hard to tell from any one-angle photo. There used to be a harsh ridge at the top of my nose, where it did not properly join against the bone of my head. Now that is smooth. There was also a sharp "jag" as my nose did a "dodge" to the left (right in the photo). That also is smoothed out. However the nose as a whole still looks as if it's "pushed to the side" as a result of the car accident I was in about 20 years ago.

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