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Day 10 - First Day Out

I was up late last night (this morning?) until about 6am and slept until about 3pm. Even when I woke up I was very tired. I've been pushing myself sort of hard the last day or two and really today I was just too tired. I spent the day reading Mused poetry entries - the deadline is Sunday so they do need to be done soon, and I am just too weary to take on anything too taxing.

I did take my first ever real shower today, being very careful about the shower spray on my nose. My nose is still sensitive and when I bent my head over to put my towel on my hair I really could feel the blood rushing to my head. I won't be doing that again for a little while. I do need to try to take things slowly and let myself heal.

Also, my two upper molars (left and right) feel very tender and sensitive. I wonder if that's the saline solution or something bothering them since apparently those are closest to the sinus regions. I hope they stop hurting once this nose part is all done. I really don't want to have to deal with teeth issues after this!

For dinner I finally did go out with Bob and with another couple for Italian food. It's the last day of restaurant week around here which is a huge discount and I rarely go out so it was nice to have this treat. I had mushy food - eggplant parm - although it started with a salad which is the first "food to chew" I've had at all so far. I had to be careful about opening my mouth too wide - I could feel it in my nose when I did - but it went well. I had some lovely Primitivo wine with it which was good.

I didn't have any dessert while out so Bob convinced me to have some of the Ring Dings he got me as a 'special treat' when we got home. I really never eat this sort of junk food but it was comfort food for my post-surgery days. I had two but it was disappointing in a way - the high sugar quotient really didn't get made up for in the taste. I think my days of Ring Dings are over. There are far more tasty comfort foods to be had :)

About 2am I was exhausted again even though I didn't move around much all day. Bob had irrigated my nose twice (not thrice as the doctor asked) but both times it was really clear, no issues. My nose skin has all cleared up at this point. It is still a bit swollen but not much. I am being careful about leaning upside down so that blood pressure doesn't rush there. I am counting the days until next Thursday when the splints come out. Really, I haven't had any sharp pains in my nose today which is good.

So at this point I'm breathing fairly well. The nasal saline spray goes RIGHT into my brain so my nostril channels must be very clear. I don't have any real pain at all except occasional twinges in my front nostril area and in my two upper molars. There are definitely plastic inserts in my nose and stitches which I can feel (with my fingers) but which aren't bothering me. My doctor kept talking about people demanding they have their splints removed immediately, so that made me worry about some sort of a water torture pain, but so far I am not having any of that. I am trying to take care of myself and take things slowly - I'm eating vitamins, drinking lots of water, eating soft food etc. But I think even though I'm sedentary that I should try to be a bit MORE sedentary because I am getting exhausted fairly easily. I should take it even a bit more slowly so my body heals well. I definitely never want to go through this all again. This should be a one time only process to get my breathing as perfect as it can be.

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