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Day 11 - Saturday

Up late finishing up my book :) I went to bed at 3am and woke up about 12:30pm. My upper right molar is still a dull ache which doesn't bode well for the upcoming weeks. I have my vitamins, fiber pills, protein shake and caught up on mail.

5pm - I've done one set of irrigating and bacitine so far. My nose feels a little "swollen" in the heat. My upper right molar was a little sore this morning but that faded as the day went by. My nephew Bill said he had the same tooth sensitivity problem when he had nose surgery done so hopefully it is just related to my sinuses and not that I cracked the tooth at some point. There is no blood at all coming out of the nose today, which is great. Even the qtip cleaning part came out clean.

I ended up taking it easy today and going to bed about midnight.

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