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Day 12 - Sunday

My alarm sort of woke me up at 1:20 which meant I had to get up quickly. I'll note I'm still sleeping on a "pillow ramp" and trying to sleep nose-up.

I showered and hopped into my car with a protein shake to get to an appointment at 2pm. It's only the second time I've driven since the surgery but it went smoothly. It was killer hot out today, so I definitely irrigated and bacitined when I got home. The inside of my left nostril is sore - I think the splint is pressing down on the nose area there and making it sore.

Luckily the swelling in general seems to be going down and there's still no blood. I've managed to blow my nose twice now by accident - luckily each time I did I only blew it gently. I've sneezed several times but I think the nose area is stable now.

At 9pm I am going to have a second round of irrigation and bacitine. When Bob irrigates me it goes right up into my brain, or so it seems, so the passages must be fairly clear by now.

My tooth really isn't hurting me so that seems to have been a temporary problem with sinuses. My real concern right now is the very tender state of my nostril, I hope it's not getting infected or anything. I just need to survive until Thursday when they take those splints out.

Post-Irrigation - streams right through my brain :) My nose appears to be clear. The only tender spot is the inner left nostril. I made sure he put the goop on that area in case something is slightly infected. The rest of my nose is actually feeling "normal" - not tender although I only gently poke at it for now. When he irrigates me I take a piece of paper towel and rip out a nose-hole and hold it against my face. That way he can spray around my nose with a gentle mist without worrying about my eyes or such.

9:34pm - yikes!! I was out of my probiotic pudding so Bob says "oh look there's two dark chocolate ones in here from before." I almost ate one - but it expired in August 2008!! 2008!! Good God Almighty. Those went into the trash. Now I am without probiotics. I was enjoying the feeling of "restoring my stomach balance" and now am feeling saddened that my good chain of eating one a day is being broken. However it's 9:30pm and really hot out and I don't feel like driving out to WalMart to get some more, I'm on a roll catching up on old reviews of books in my stack.

At least I did have my daily dose of plum juice to get that part of me into smooth working order.

midnight - still working on reviewing the books in my to-do stack.

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