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Day 14 - Bruise Almost Gone

I was woken up at 1pm when someone called to check in on me. As we had to leave the house before 3pm to get to my Mensa writing group, it was just as well. My teeth didn't hurt at all today - quite a good thing. I had my protein shake and vitamins and fiber pills while I caught up on email and Mused work. Bob gave me a Tylenol as well. Hopefully my stomach is getting itself back to normal.

I barely had time to check important email and get showered before we had to head out. I had a Mensa writing group up near the sword class location and then the sword class. I got up to the Mensa writing group late, but we had a great time and I had some cream of broccoli soup and then some spinach dip. Squishy food. Then Bob showed up at 6:00 or so and it was time to go along to sword class.

I was already feeling tired and I'm very glad I sat out the class. Bob and the others were really sweating by the time it was over and I was tired just sitting there and reading a book for review. We didn't hang around, I asked to just go home when he was done.

When we got home I was really tired and laid on the couch. He gave me a probiotic with my egg salad, and then irrigated and bacitined my nose. It luckily is not feeling super sharp pains like before but I was just so worn out. I really had to finish up the Mused voting through to get that all done. I worked through all the accepted and rejected entries and finally at 2pm I headed up to sleep. I'm still sleeping on a "pillow ramp".

Just one more full day and then the splints come out! I'm really hoping that helps me feel normal again.

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