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Day 15 - One Day until Splint Removal

I slept for about 12 hours last night - went to bed about 2am, woke up about 2pm. I am still sleepy, too. I think I am pushing a bit too hard and not letting my body just heal. My tooth is a little sore today. I had my protein shake and vitamins and fiber pills and am trying to take it really easy, sitting in my office but even so I'm yawning.

Today is the last full day of having the plastic nasal splints inside my nose. I am really worried about what it will be like tomorrow when she takes them out. I imagine there are loops of surgical black thread holding the plastic splints against my nose. So she'll have to go in my left nostril with tiny scizzors, cut loose a loop, and do that in several places. Then pull the plastic inner cone free. That's what I'm imagining. So the real "pain" would be in if that plastic cone has any skin that's growing over it that it needs to rip free of.

OK I was brave and googled internal nasal splints. The last time I did something like that (for septum surgery) I was horrified by photos of wide open sliced noses and was sure I was going to have nightmares. Luckily this time it showed me clinical, clean images of what a splint looks like BEFORE it goes into the nose. Apparently it's a thin almost translucent piece of plastic. Rather than being the cone I'd envirioned, it's like an oval shape, with a line down its long axis. It folds in half, so it then forms a pair of semi-ovals laying on top of each other. If you do the google you'll see what I mean. Those are apparently sort of spring loaded so they form a V shape in the nose. There are already holes in the plastic splint so they just tie the suture through those holes.

Some versions of the internal nasal splint are just the semi-oval shape (one layer) with a tube attached to it along the full length. The tube helps ensure air can get through the nose. Again if you do a google you can see images of those. I looked for "internal nasal splint photo". It's very family friendly, the results, no gore at least when I looked.

So in any case I found a few pages that talked about the removal process. They say it's very easy and pain-free. They snip loose the stitch that holds the plastic splint in place. Then they gently pull it out. It feels "funny" coming out because it's so big but it doesn't hurt. Of course I just ripped my nose open two days ago so I may have a tender spot in there - maybe that will re-rip open and will hurt. But I'll have to see when it happens. At least that will just be one nostril that does that, not both. Unfortunately she seems to start with the left so that will be in agonizing pain for the rest of the procedure. Hmmmmm.

In any case my mail is really backed up, I'm exhausted, and I have to try to gently pace myself and get caught up.

11pm -

Finished up a Mused chat, to discuss the latest issue, and I'm just exhausted now. Bob irrigated my nose, always a good thing. I think I need to sleep now ...

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