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Day 3 - Healing

My next milestone is to stop wearing the under-nose gauze pads on Saturday. Today is Friday. Right now they aren't bleeding much so that is good. I am feeling better and once I get my email caught up here I'll be sleeping hopefully for a full 8 hour or so.

I'm not in any pain at all. There's an occasional twinge under my nose but that's about it. I did get the bandage off my left hand where they had a failed attempt at an IV but the bandage is still on my right hand because the tape is stuck to all the little hairs. I've had enough pain for now and don't feel like ripping it off :) Maybe it'll fall off by itself sometime ...

I slept for little bits until about 5am, when I got up and tried to wash my face in bits with a washcloth. I also kicked Hammie and Julie (the cats) out of bed because they were making me want to sneeze. Poor kitties, they didn't understand. Then at 8am when I waking up again I managed to bash my nose with my closed hand. I don't know how these things happen to me :) I was sleepy. It didn't hurt or seem like it moved at all. A little while later I sneezed, with my mouth open like I was told. Then more sleep.

About 10:30am I woke up and Bob got me my antibiotic. I didn't feel a need to take any Tylenol at all now. Everything feels fine. He made me some cream of wheat - nice and gushy. He also mushed up my multivitamin, vitamin C and fiber pills so I could eat those without chewing. He did put a call in to the doctor about the tap I gave to my nose so we'll see when she calls back. It looks fine and feels fine so hopefully I didn't really hit it hard enough to move anything. I don't want to go driving all the way in and out again, but on the other hand after everything I've been through I definitely don't want to have to do it all again!!

1:30 - caught up on a bunch of email, time for a nap!

5:00 - woke up after some nightmares of my stepfather falling down in a hotel and the staff ignoring him while I entreated them to help. Now my eyes were full of salt or sweat or something and burning, so I tried to dab them out with a wet washcloth. Bob "irrigated" my nose with saline spray and then sprayed in some Equate spray which minimizes bleeding and helps prevent sneezing. I need that, I've sneezed twice since I woke up. I'm not sure if it's the cats or what.

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

I did finally get the IV bandage on my right hand off, interestingly I don't really see a "hole" on that hand where the needle was. I can still see the mark / bruise on my left hand where they were trying to get the needle into my "squiggly veins".

Bob brought me one of my protein shakes to sip on. I'm calling it "nose rebuilding raw material." Something for all those good little nose-building cells in my nose to work with to create their new system. I imagine them like a team of little bridge builders going about their work, laying down new foundations and connections and such.

I almost rebashed my nose again when I woke up. This time I caught myself in time. I realized that my nose was itchy and my first instinct was to move my hand over to itch at it. But because my nose is "bigger" now (with the cast and protective cover and all) my hand runs into my nose before I'm used to. The doctor's office never called back so we're figuring (hoping) that my earlier bash was a gentle one and didn't actually move anything. I'm not hurting at all, although Bob did convince me to take another time-release Tylenol just to have it in my system. I don't like taking drugs and didn't see why I should take one if I wasn't really in pain, but he thinks it might help with the healing.

My under-eyes are puffy but the bruising seems to be reducing. I don't hurt anywhere, maybe an occasional tiny twinge at the thin skin in between my nostrils. They are still draining a little bit of blood. I've been very careful to just lay in bed since the surgery, head very elevated on 5 pillows, eating soft food, drinking lots of liquids, being stationary, so I think that helps.

When the doctor first pulled out the killer-noseplugs-of-doom I could breathe through my nose but now it's all stuffed up. Technically I can breathe out (gurgle gurgle) but not in. But I was able to sleep for 4 hours just now so my throat must be better in general. Hopefully my nose will clear out again soon. It still looks bloody around the base of each nostril and they said not to stick anything "in" to the nose to clean it. Definitely they said not to try to blow your nose. So I have to wait for that to all clear out on its own. Maybe the doctor will do some cleaning of it on Tuesday when I go in to have the cast removed. There will still be splints in there at that time.

I watched TV with Bob for several hours - my head laying back against a pillow in a straight-up type of position - taking my antibiotics at 9pm. Then at midnight I went to sleep. I took off the under-nose gauze before I fell asleep. My nose didn't seem to be draining much, and I was having trouble breathing through it so I thought that might help.

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