Deviated Septum Surgery Tips Photos
Day 4 - Healing

12:11am - photo time.

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

I woke up at 2am, then at 8am, then more photos at 10:15am.

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Then I woke up at 12 noon - so I got a lot of solid sleep in this morning. Finally! My nose still really can't be breathed through but my mouth and throat feel fine so I'm doing better breathing through my mouth. I had my antibiotics at 8 and Bob brought me a protein shake. I'm also drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Even so I'm down to 131.4 pounds - I was over 140 pounds when I got back from England two weeks ago. So that's fairly rapid! I really don't think it's loss of water, as I'm drinking a lot of water every day. I'm making very sure to stay hydrated. I imagine the stress and healing process is all using up a lot of calories so even though I'm lying still my body is still using a lot of materials to do all of its healing work. I am definitely not starving - I'm eating small frequent meals.

We salined my nose twice so far today and it makes it slightly clearer each time. I'm not sure if it's stuck because it's full of blood, mucus, swollen, or what. It doesn't hurt at all. I am generally a do-lots-of-things person so being so sluggy is bothering me. I want to be done with this healing process and back to my normal life. I have to remind myself that I chose to have this fix done deliberately and that an integral part of the process is X days of healing. So I can't rush it, I have to focus on the healing so do "my part" in having the nose fully heal. I am not very good at sitting still. At least I can have my laptop in bed now and work on some things when I'm awake enough to focus.


I just looked up that your body replaces your blood volume in terms of the plasma in about 48 hours, assuming you're drinking enough liquids. So I've been doing that. But it takes up to 5 weeks to "repopulate" that plasma with red blood cells, which it needs iron to do. So I've asked Bob to crunch up another set of my multivitamins to take for today. He also just brought me some egg drop soup, which was squishy and tasty.


Trying to work on email, but my mind is very fuzzy. I'm thinking about taking another nap.


Never got in that nap. Trying to get some projects done before deadlines, most notably Mused has a deadline of tomorrow. Sleepy though ... I did get my antibiotics just now.

12 midnight

I am just so tired of healing. I want the cast off but am afraid of what new pain that will entail. I want the splints out of my nose, I think they're adding pressure to my lower nostrils, but I can only imagine what that process will be like. I'm tired of sleeping on this pillow-ramp and trying to keep my head up. I can't wear my glasses so everything is fuzzy. I really dislike the nasal saline spray going up into my nose - and then it reclogs instantly so I can't breathe through it anyway. I have reached the saturation point of this healing process. Bob is being great feeding me squished up squash, squished up soup, squished up eggs and I want some real food. Maybe some sleep will help.

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