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Day 5 - Healing

My quest for today was to try to sleep. So I woke up at 2am, then 8am (when Bob gave me my antibiotics and I had a protein shake). Then I slept until 1pm. I did feel better after all of that sleep.

Interestingly, in the morning I could breathe through my nose - a first. But I also got sharp pains in the area between the two nostrils (right above the lips) several times when I smiled. I hadn't smiled up until now and when I did the mouth movement really hurt. So I have to try not to smile for a while I guess.

I felt grungy. So I took the plunge and tried to take a shower. I can't get the nose cast wet at all, and I'm not really feeling very strong, but Bob helped. We have one of those bendy shower heads so we were able to angle it so it got to my hair but not my face, for example. I felt much better after getting many days of grime off of me.

That done, I also had Bob strip the bed and start all the sheets and stuff washing. I think it'll really help to have a clean bed and a clean room to lay in. Everything has gotten massively messy with me being out of commission for several days, and that starts to wear on me.

2pm - Bob made me a little tunafish to eat, and some orange tea to drink (lukewarm). Today is the final deadline for Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Magazine - so I'm busy sending out final reminders to every newsletter I can to drum up submissions. At the same time, I had about 90 ebay auctions end last night. We're getting rid of the last of our CD collection. When I set the auctions up I had this dreamy idea that I'd have the surgery on Wed, be fine on Thu but would want to stay stationary, so sitting and labeling CD packages would be the perfect recuperation activity. I had no idea I'd be whalloped quite this badly and would be hard pressed to even be sitting up to write labels.

4pm - Printing out ebay packing slips, emailing out Mused final deadline newsletters, sipping some tea. My nose feels "quirky" in between the nostrils as if something's poking it. I wonder if it's the splints inside my nose. Oh did I mention two of my parakeets - Pinto and Santo - who have lived together peacefully for 7 years had a massive fight and had to be separated, with bloody feet?? What is going on in my life??

6;13pm - photo time.

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

10pm - Bob made sure I had my antibiotics at 9pm. I am really fuzzy brained and would completely have forgotten. I have been sending out lots of Mused reminders and alerts, and also working my way through the eBay auctions. So far about 30 of them are packed up and ready to go. I'm saying things like "It ships to CA. That is ... Canada? California?" My mind is really going. Time to lay on the couch, have some squishy food, and let Bob remake the bed upstairs. Then I can sleep in a nice clean bed, with a nice clean body, and hope that Tuesday's nose-cast-removal process is at least mostly painless. Just one more day to go. I think it'll really help to have the cast off, it's feeling more and more heavy over time.

Note - I still can't breathe through my nose, despite many nasal sprays. The morning breatheability must have been an aberration.

I went to bed just after midnight.

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