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Day 7 - Removing the Nose Cast

I just didn't sleep well last night. I went to bed about 2am, lay there and read the paper on and off until 5am, and finally did sleep until 11am. I had some proactiv sugar-free pudding in there to try to help my stomach reset itself after those antibiotics.

In good news I am down to 129.8 pounds so I'm below 130! The surgery diet system!

I had a protein shake for breakfast along with my chewable vitamins and fiber pills. My nose is feeling OK although very itchy. I really think it'll be nice to have this cast off. I'm nervous about it too, though. So far nothing has really gone smoothly. In the meantime I'm working on the upcoming fall issue of Mused.

Took a quick shower, got another 5 CDs ready to mail for eBay.

2:45 - photo time, we're running out the door to get to the 3pm appointment.

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

We got there right at 3 and only had to wait a little while for the doctor. The nose cast removal process was VERY easy. She swabbed some "glue-off" type of stuff along the edge of the cast and it lifted right off. Hurrah! Something was easy! She put some bactin on a q-tip and rubbed it gently along the inside of my nose. She said to do this 3 times a day after irrigating my nose. She wants me to come back in a week to get the inner splits removed.

Here are photos from when we got home at 4:33pm

Deviated Septum

Deviated Septum

As you can see, this was not a cosmetic fix :) My nose still looks crooked from the outside. However, it is all straight on the inside! Hurrah!

Bob has to go off to his sword class - the first time we've been apart in quite a number of days! I'm going to my Geek Girls "women who own businesses in the tech industry" monthly dinner, where we all support and nurture each other. It'll be my first time having clear vision in a week - I'll have to put in contacts!


OK that was exciting. It took me 20 minutes to get the contacts in and then they killed me the whole way driving to the restaurant, and my car's AC is broken :) So it was a survival test of some sort. I did survive. I had my first 'real food' - meatloaf (squishy) and mashed potatoes and gravy (squishy). I promptly got very sleepy. Then I had to drive home through an incredibly powerful pouring thunderstorm, with lakes in the road! A true adventure.

I had my probiotic pudding, along with some orange tea and a half a banana, and promptly went up to bed.

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