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Day 8 - First full day with castless nose

I couldn't fall asleep again so I lay in bed reading the "Darcy takes a wife" post-Pride&Prejudice book that I've been meaning to review for many months now. Bob came up about 3am and I was able to fall asleep then. I'm still laying on my "pillow ramp" to keep my nose elevated.

I woke up about 1pm and came downstairs. I had my protein shake, vitamins and fiber pills. Then Bob irrigated my nose. A note on irrigation if I haven't mentioned it before. We avoided the squeeze-the-bulb saline spray irrigators because the idea of having to give a hard squeeze to an object by my nose seemed fraught with potential problems. Instead, we have a pressurized can where you gently squeeze a trigger and it releases a mist. This works very well. So he irrigated both nostrils.

Then he put the bacitracin on a low-fluff Q-tip that the doctor gave us and put just the head (no further) into a nostril to gently wipe it around the edges. He got a fresh Q-tip for the other side. The left one is pretty clear at this point. The right one still has blood in it - that was the one they did all the work in.

My nose is a little tender but is looking less swollen. I've been gently washing it with Neutrogena and a few of the pimples have gone away. There are still a few left but, as instructed, I am not touching them at all. I imagine they will go away in a few days now that the cast is off. The bruise under my eye is healing.

I see one black thread in my left nostril, undoubtedly holding the inside plastic thing in place. I still have one in each nostril to help keep the nostrils in an open position while they heal. Those come out next week. I don't *think* I feel them, although occasionally I get short stabbing pains in between my nostrils. Maybe that's where they are resting.

I was finally able to put my lower invisalign tooth-tray into my mouth last night. It's just a retainer at this point, to keep my teeth straight, but I didn't want to risk anything in my mouth while my nose was healing. That went in without any problem and was fine all night. So that's good. When I brushed my teeth before putting it in I did feel a twinge or two in my nose but was careful to move slowly and not stretch my mouth much.

Today should be very quiet - just sit at my computer and do work - so we'll see what I end up eating. Right now it's 2:20 and I'm working on the upcoming Mused literary magazine issue.

Oh I do want to comment that it is SO nice to be able to gently scratch my nose if it is itchy - and it is far less itchy with the cast off.

The day went by smoothly. I worked on my computer. Bob made me some nice squishy palak paneer and rice, and I actually got to have a glass of shiraz with it! We did the irrigation and bacitracin twice more. I did a gentle face washing at the end of the day. The pimples on my nose are mostly gone now. On the last irrigation / qtip cleaning both are fairly clean now which is good. I still have that visible thread coming out of my left nose which is a little odd :)

I was getting sleepy by 1am - I'm apparently on a 12 hour sleep cycle.

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