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Day 9 - One week until splints are out

My appointment to have the splints removed from my nose is set for next Thursday afternoon. So I have just a week left before this is pretty much over. I will be counting the days.

I woke up at 12:30pm so I got about 8 1/2 hours of solid sleep. Which is good but considering I'm still healing I would like to get more. My nose is feeling fairly OK, still a bit twingy between the lower nostrils. I gently washed my face with warm water and Neutrogena liquid soap. The pimples are pretty much gone from my nose, maybe just one or two small ones left. It still looks a little "clay like" - a bit larger and more "filled out" than I'm used to. I guess we'll see when the splints come out what it looks like then.

In general my nose no longer looks "crooked" - but it does look like the entire nose was slid a slight bit to the left. As if my nose as a separate entity was just "pushed" all as a whole towards the left. I feel very torn about this. On one hand this fix was never about cosmetic issues. I really wanted to breathe better and to have the best breathing I could for health reasons. Most of that problem was due to the inside septum being mangled in the car crash. But that being said, I find it challenging to believe that my entire outside nose being "off" is not affecting my breathing. If the nose is a straight channel for air to go in, surely a straight line is better for air than an off-center line? How can the insides fully connect properly if the outsides are clearly off? I can't see the insides. I have only have the doctor's word that the insides are all straight. The outside seems to indicate that the system is *not* straight.

This was all so incredibly traumatic for me from start to finish that I want to think that at least I went through all of that truama and angst and pain to get the best result I could. So to think that I suffered through all of that and only got an OK result bothers me.

Part of all of this is how it transpired. I had gone to pre-surgery meetings with the doctor where she talked about the problems with my nose, how the septum was mangled, how the outside was deviated, and how things would be so much better with it all straight. She began talking about fixing other things - shaving off one part which stuck out a bit, filling in the "inside of the C" on the other side so it was more straight, and I said not to worry about those things. I just wanted it straight so I could breathe well. If she made everything in a straight line I would be thrilled.

So then I go through all the trauma of going to the hospital, having a half hour of needles stuck unsuccessfully into my arms, getting hives from the stress, finally getting some sedative - and at THAT MOMENT she comes over and says "so, what do you want to have done again?" Why would she ask me then? I of course said to do whatever was the quickest to get me out of there. She cheerily says "OK!" So apparently that's what I had done. But if we had a long conversation previously about what should be done, why ask me 10 seconds before surgery when I'm doped up and having a panic attack what my new ideas might be on the process? I admit I should have held strong and said "I want done exactly what we discussed having done the last time we met." But my brain was beyond that and I just wanted to escape.

We'll see as my nose heals, maybe it is in fact more straight than I think. But I get frustrated thinking of the pain and everything else I'm going through, to think in the end that I might get a "slightly better" breathing system.


Bob woke up at 3pm from his nap and irrigated my nose and then put in the goop. Both nostrils came out blood-free for the first time ever, so that's a great milestone. I can breathe through both of them although not "fully". After my morning protein shake I am now having some palak paneer (mushed up spinach) over rice and can eat that. So that is very good. I'm having a nice glass of shiraz with it which is also good. I have little twinges in my nostril area but no real pain.

I'm not doing anything active, just sitting and working at my computer.

I ended up going to bed at 6am (yes AM) because while I went up to bed at 2pm I just couldn't fall asleep. I ended up reading the Pride & Prejudice continuing story figuring at least laying in bed quietly was restful. Bob did irrigate my nose and put in more bacitracin. My nose is now "clean" - no blood coming out - which is good. It's peeling a tiny bit, I imagine the skin that was damaged by the nose cast is coming off now.

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