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One Year Later

It seems like a long time since I had the nose surgery at this point. The memories of dealing with the propped up pillow and the q-tips and all seem like a distant memory. It seems quite normal that I can breathe easily. Which is a good thing of course!

My nose whistles now. I think I have a hole in the middle of my nose. I suppose if I liked nose rings this would be great, if I somehow figured out how to get a nose ring into my nose and through that central bone area. I could be hip. Unfortunately I am not keen on a nose ring. I'm not even exactly sure that I do have a hole, but it seems to be what is happening. My nose only whistles when it's really dry out, so I think it has to do with a thin layer of mucus being over the hole and acting like a flute stop. I will be going in to see my doctor for a normal checkup in a few weeks and will have her check on it.

I'm still grumpy with my actual nose doctor and don't feel like talking to her. I have two main issues with her. First, I was worried about the cost of this procedure and asked my regular doctor about what it would cost me. She said she thought it'd be fully covered since I couldn't breathe well but that the nose doctor would know for sure. So I asked the nose doctor and said I was worried about out of pocket expenses. She said absolutely she felt it would be covered and that she'd have the insurance company write me to confirm. The insurance company wrote to say it was covered. So I didn't think there was anything else to ask. However, after I got home bills started appearing for random amounts - $750 here, $800 there. It was like a nightmare, I never knew when a new one would appear or what it would be for. Since I expressly asked about what I'd have to pay, I felt very upset.

Second, I had talked several times with the nose doctor about having the outside fixed to be in line with the inside. She agreed. But then when I was medicated, drugged, and petrified, preparing to head into surgery, she asked if I *really* wanted to have the outside nose straightened and I was so scared I said no just fix the inside. So I bet she got to charge for the whole outside too since that was "on the books" and only had to do the inside part because it was my panicked plea. I don't think it's very ethical for her to try to pressure me into doing a cheaper operation when I was drugged.

So in any case I never wanted to go back to her once I was free of her, meaning I've dealt with this nose whistling issue since then. It's only when it's dry so it's not very frequent, but it seems to happen when I really need to sleep, and my nose whistling keeps me awake :) Sort of funny. So anyway, something I'd like to fix if I can.

Still in general I can breathe MUCH better now, in both nostrils, something I could never do before. Oxygen is critical for your body. So I am glad I had it done.

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