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Pre-Operation Talks on my Deviated Septum

When I finally built up the emotional strength to talk with my doctor in 2008 about trying to get my deviated septum fixed, she had some good news for me. She could do it with me knocked out! Hurrah! Also, she was amazed that my previous doctor was trying to charge $5,000 for the task. She said it clearly was a health issue, not some sort of a cosmetic issue (since you can't even see a septum from the outside!). So it would be covered by the insurance.

deviated septum She referred me to a nose specialist to talk in more detail. The nose specialist was an *awesome* doctor who had done many, many of these types of surgeries and it was her specialty. She took one look and was rather impressed with how squished my nose was on the inside. It was almost as if I had one nostril channel in there, not two. And the inside channel didn't line up with the outside break, which made things even worse.

So she definitely recommended getting this fixed. She does tons of these jobs a week and was very skilled in the area. She set me up for a pre-surgery checkup.

About a month before the surgery, I went in. They checked my vitals. I had bloodwork drawn. I *hate* needles with a passion, but the nurse was very good and got the blood out without any incident. They even did an EKG machine which I'd never done before. They put circular stickies on various parts of my body and connected them all via wires to a machine to see how healthy my electrical system was.

deviated septum Apparently everything came back OK because I was scheduled for surgery. They told me to come in at noon on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009. I tried not to think about what was going to happen. Unfortunately people would say "I didn't think noses got casts" and I'd go google "nose cast" to show them and find horrific photos of peoples' noses laid wide open on an operating table. These images did not help my state of mind :) By the night before the surgery I was really quite nervous - but I was going through with it. This was a required step towards my Vision Board goal of getting publicity for my BellaOnline editors.

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