How Clear are Invisaligns?

One reason people wear Invisaligns are, heck, they are clear! I personally wear them because they do not rip up my lips and gums like metal braces do, but the clearness of them is definitely nice.

Here are my teeth on Day 2 without the Invisaligns -

Invisalign teeth

Here are them WITH the Invisaligns on -

Invisalign teeth

You can see little air bubbles at the "biting end" of the teeth that makes them look almost ridgy. I don't think you can see that at all if you were just looking at someone normally. You'd have to have your face right up against their teeth to see that bubbly edge :)

So to the normal person you are talking with, they really can't see these at all. Of course that assumes you take good care of the trays. If you drink soda or red wine or coffee with them, and the plastic turns black, now you will look like you have black teeth :)

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