Getting Impressions and Photos Done

When I went in for my actual "first appointment" on October 8, 2008, first they had me do the financial paperwork :) Go figure! I put everything onto a rewards card so that I got maximum points for this expense. Lots of free dinners out with fully functional teeth sounds good to me! Once that was done, I went in to the dental chair.

They took a lot of photos of my mouth - of how my teeth did not line up, how my teeth did not close properly due to that misalignment. They took close up and general photos. They took xrays. Then they did the molds.

In essence what they did is take a curved tray - like you see boxers wear to protect their teeth - and fill it with a fast-setting goop. Then they put it in my mouth and held it down against the lower teeth, for only 30 seconds or so. They were VERY good at this and it didn't choke me or anything. Then they did the same thing for the upper teeth.

I'll note that this is probably one area where having a "great" orthodontist will be different from having an "OK" orthodontist. My boyfriend had to have something like this done to him at a dentist where they didn't specialize in this sort of activity. He was nearly choking as the goop ran down the back of his throat. In my case they do this all day every day at this orthodontist and have a great staff, so it was super quick and easy. So I'd definitely recommend talking to references for the orthodontist you want to visit to find out how talented they are.

In any case, once those goop-impressions were done, then I was done. They said they'd call me back in about 2 months to let me know when the trays came in and I could begin the treatment!

I left the office with:
* my payment receipt which listed the additional fees
* An informed consent agreement
* An Invisalign brochure
* A promise that they would call me once my trays came in :)

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