Initial Visit for Invisaligns

I had gotten a reference to the particular orthodontist I used from my regular dentist. I went there the first week of October, 2008 for my initial discussion. They showed me photos of before and after patients. They showed me a sample tray to explain how invisaligns work. They looked at my teeth and said I was a good candidate for invisaligns and that the total cost would be around $5,000. My nephew had begun a round of Invisaligns a year or so ago and his was about $5,000 so this price seemed fair. I heard from a friend of mine that her boyfriend had gotten his teeth Invisaligned for about $3,000 so it might depend on the severity of the problem and length of time. I know my nephew had to do a total of 22 base trays + 17 follow-up trays, while I think I am only doing 10 trays. We will see how it all works out! I'm sure there is padding in there for the clinic itself, that some are more bare-bones than others and charge accordingly. Maybe some want to make a higher profit than others do too :)

In any case, there were discounts for paying up front. I always put large purchases on my no-fee rewards cards, because this is an instant way to get "lots of points" for free in essence. However, my card was full :) So I told them I needed a week or so to do some financial rearranging so I could get my points.

Note that this fee covers EVERYTHING from start to finish including all their visits and such. They do warn you that if you break one of their trays it will be $250 to replace it. So if you multiply that out for my 10 trays, then $2500 is for just the trays alone and nothing else. The fee covers up to 16 months of treatment. If I go beyond that because I don't bother wearing my retainers all the time, for example, then they'll charge me $125/mo for any follow-up visits in those periods. Again, I find that fee to be quite reasonable for monthly doctor visits.

So I was feeling fairly comfortable after this initial visit and said I'd come back on October 8th to pay them and start things off.

Interestingly for parents of teenagers they commented several times during this visit that they do NOT recommend Invisaligns for teeangers. The problem is that you can take these out. Teenagers apparently are very likely to take them out after eating and not put them back in again. Or they'll take them out after eating and put them back on without brushing their teeth first, which will trap all sorts of food and junk in against the teeth. Both of these are bad for the teeth! With normal braces, since they are permanently attached to the teeth, the teen can't remove them :)

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