Starting with Tray 1

I got my call - my Invisalign trays were ready for me! I set up an appointment to go in on November 25th - so about a month and a half after my impressions had been done. For whatever reason the Orthodontist's office was a madhouse when I went in and they were very backed up. So I didn't actually get in to sit down until about a half hour after my appointment time.

First, the dental assistant came over and showed me my package of stuff. There were 10 trays each in their own little plastic bags, all in a row. The ring is in there for scale. Note that the packages themselves said they were created on November 11th, so the actual trays weren't even created by the Invisalign people until over a month after I had my impressions made. Just to give you a sense of how the timing works out.

Invisalign packages

So each plastic bag an upper and lower retainer in them, and nothing else. Here is what a sample tray looks like.

Invisalign packages

That happens to be my upper #2, not yet worn.

She opened up package #1 and settled both trays in over my teeth. There was a LITTLE pressure on my teeth, not "hurting" but more a sense that something was leaning gently on them. Even this sensation went away after a few minutes. She asked me to sit for a short while and gave me some literature to read. This was:

* A promotion to refer a friend to get a $50 gift certificate (to what? To the Invisalign store? :) )
* A promo for invisalign cleaners - $75 for a package of 50 crystal sets.
* A little care booklet that says to clean your Invisaligns with a soft toothbrush (or their crystal sets!)
* A promo for their retainers so you can in essence wear their clear tooth covers for the rest of your life

I also got two plastic storage cases - one to hold the current tray I was wearing, and one to carefully protect the "previous tray" in case I had to go backwards to it.

Invisalign packages

I read through all the material. Eventually the orthodontist came over and took a look. He was pleased at how they sat in my mouth and said I was all set. He told me to switch out the trays every 2 weeks - so in 2 weeks from now I move on to tray set 2, and 2 weeks from then I move on to tray set 3. He also told me to only remove the trays while eating, then to brush my teeth and put them promptly back in. The trays can't work if they aren't in your mouth :) The more you leave them out, the more you prolong the process.

They gave me ONLY the first three tray sets to go home with - one set in my mouth and sets 2 and 3 in plastic bags. They held on to the remaining ones.

In summary, the total actual "attention time" here was under 10 minutes. I set up another appointment for January 8th - i.e. about 7 weeks from now. That will also be exactly 3 months from when I began the process. I only have trays 1-3. I will be using tray set 1 from Nov 25th to Dec 9th. Tray set 2 from Dec 9th through Dec 23rd. Tray set 3 from Dec 23rd to January 6th. So it works out - I'll only be on that tray set 3 an "extra 2 days" before I see them and get some new trays.

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