Wearing Tray 1 of Invisaligns

OK I left the orthodontist's office after my first Invisaligns receipt! I was wearing my very first Invisaligns tray! How did it feel?

First, you now have a molded layer of plastic all around your teeth. It's very smooth so it is MUCH better than metal braces - i.e. nothing is catching at your lip, cutting your lip, cutting your tongue as you play with it. It's so smooth you pretty much forget about it quickly. Even the little "edge ridge" where the Invisaligns end is smooth. They do an awesome job with this.

There was slight discomfort when they first went on but really that went away quickly. Soon I almost forgot they were in.

You DO notice when you try to "close your teeth". The back molars will touch but the rest of your teeth will not because of that plastic layer. Since you aren't ever going to eat with them in, that is quite fine! It does take some getting used to, and for me at least I had to remind myself not to "press down" with the molars which for whatever reason was my instinct, to try to get the jaw to close fully. Heck, those devices that help you fight snoring do this very thing, so this could help in that area too!

I wore these for a few hours, but then I had a dilemma. I had to head out to an exercise practice an hour away and was going to eat in the car. There was no time to brush my teeth in the schedule and right after the class we were going out for a restaurant meal. So in essence I had to remove my Invisaligns, leave the house, and not put them back in again until I got home several hours later and could brush my teeth. I felt guilty that in my very first day I had gone for six hours without wearing them :) I will attempt to do better going forward.

I had no issues at all sleeping with it, or talking with it.

Day 2, the biggest issue is that I work from home and am a wine writer. Normally I sit here working in the afternoon, sipping at a glass of wine, nibbling on some almonds and cheese, passing the time. I can't do that any more! If I was going to eat something I would have to take out my Invisaligns. That means I can't do my little-healthy-snacks-all-day routine which I am so used to. Now I'm starving to death where normally I would not be. This definitely seems a down side to me. I also can't "sip at wine" over a long period of time, because for that entire hour my Invisaligns would be out. It almost is trying to enforce a eat-and-drink-quickly routine which is very much against my way of life.

Maybe it would be better for me to go for 3 week periods, rather than 2 week periods, with the knowledge that they will be out of my mouth for a while each day for my healthy snacking. Then again, maybe going back and forth between "in place" and "out of place" would be not-great for the teeth and I should just tough it out for the six months.

By the end of the two weeks with this tray my teeth fit perfectly into them. When it was time to put them back into my mouth, I would just put the tray in on my tongue and could easily slide it right into place with my tongue, easy. On the down side, the plastic on the inner side of my back lower left molar somehow got "sharp" and would slice up my tongue as my tongue moved in that area of my mouth. When you remove your invisaligns you do so by hooking your fingers under the FRONT side of your molars, so I imagine that action then causes the back (inside) side to stretch and pull a bit. Still, sharp pieces of plastic in your mouth against your tongue doesn't seem like a good idea. I am very glad I only have these things in for two weeks and am going to swap tomorrow. I'd never survive another week with this ragged plastic edge in my mouth. Heck, I may swap today just to get this sharp plastic out of my mouth.

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