Dangers of Mercury

Mercury is a danger not only for us humans but for our environment as well. Did you know that over 50% of the mercury added to the environment in the US comes from dental fillings? It's time for us to bring this to an end!

It seems not that long ago that thermometers had mercury in them and when they broke open that kids would gleefully push the silvery liquid around with their fingers. In modern times a child playing with mercury would bring DSS down on the parents' heads. Mercury is a known poison.

Mercury can cause serious damage to the brain and pretty much every part of the body as well. There is no recommended level of mercury for a human. The human body doesn't need mercury for any operation. Mercury is a threat to the body's healthy operation.

Some signs of mercury poisoning include rashes, sensitivity to light, red cheeks and nose, insomnia, chronic bad breath, and memory problems.

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