Removal of Mercury Fillings

After reading in at least ten different health related books that I was reviewing about how dangerous mercury fillings were, I finally decided I needed to get my own mercury filling removed. I originally had three fillings when I was a child and all had been put in with mercury. Over the years as various things happened two of them were replaced with white fillings. Now here I was, 42 years old, and I had just one mercury filling remaining. Despite all my inner angst about dental procedures, the books had convinced me that it was definitely in my health interests to get it out.

Setting up the appointment was easy enough. At my latest cleaning I mentioned that I wanted the mercury filling replaced with a white composite filling. No problem, they signed me up for an appointment the next week. They let me know it'd be about $214. I would gladly pay $214 for a lifetime of health.

I am, as mentioned, very stressed by dental procedures. So Monday morning I woke up and went out to do an hour of yoga on my back porch. I am fortunate that I work from home and can plan my schedule to account for medical procedures. I focused on serene, slow movements. I was doing this task to benefit my health. I was getting a chunk of mercury out of my head.

I arranged for my boyfriend to drive me in so that I would have a friendly face there before and after the procedure. He dropped me off at the office ten minutes early so there was no sense of being rushed or late.

I sat with my cellphone and read up on relaxation techniques. I took in long, deep, belly-filling breaths to bring oxygen into my system and encourage the relaxation response. I focused on my toes, relaxing them, then my shins, then my knees, and so on. Very soon the assistant came in to let me know they were ready.

I admit when I sat in the chair that I felt tense :) I let them know that I was tense and that my mouth was sensitive to needles. I know other people who say they don't feel the needle at all. For whatever reason I feel it. Maybe my mouth is resistant to the numbing gel they use first. So they put on the numbing gel, and then they used the needle, and yes I felt it and it was painful. They were gentle and asked me to relax, and said it'd be done soon, so they were very caring. But still, that was a hurdle that I had to go through (and which apparently most people don't).

I then was left alone for 3-4 minutes while the anesthetic took hold. I want to mention here that I avoided all Vitamin C for 2 days up to the procedure. Vitamin C can interfere with anesthetic. So be sure to do that.

Luckily, that needle part was the worst part of it. He came back and first he drilled a bit to get the old filling out. My mouth is on the small side so that is a secondary issue for me, the stretching and pulling that has to be done to get to my teeth. In this case it was a back molar so there was a bit of tugging. Still, fairly quickly that part was done and they did the drying and then inserting of the new filling. They used a light to harden in, filed it down a bit to fit, and poof, it was done! All told about 20 minutes from start to finish.

Where mercury fillings need a full day to harden - so no solid food for a day after the procedure - with this it's hard instantly. I could eat the moment I got home. I immediately went home and took all my vitamins including extra Vitamin C, plus began eating a ton of garlic. Garlic and cilantro are natural chelators. Part of my concern is when he had me "spit" after the procedure that there were flecks of grey / silver in my spit. I imagine those were little mercury bits from him drilling out the old filling. If that stuff is in my mouth, undoubtedly some got swallowed, and I want to now make sure I do everything I can to get it back out of me quickly. He should have used a dental dam to keep those from being swallowed. Also, I should have tried to breathe only through my nose during the process, so I was not inhaling any of the kicked-up vapors through my mouth.

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