Women Talk Faster than Men

I would have said it was even. My boyfriend would have said women talk slightly more quickly. But actually, research shows that men tend to talk more quickly!

Language Log Research on Men vs Women Talking Speed

"After spending a couple of hours trying to track down a plausible source for Louann Brizendine's characterization of male and female speaking rates, I've come up empty. Worse than empty: the paper that she cites as the source for the claim contains no relevant information at all, and the rest of the literature on speaking rate not only fails to support her assertion, but also includes results that contradict it."

Oh look, this is fascinating!! In that article, they talk about research. Humans tend to PERCEIVE women as talking more if they are talking with a male - even if they talk exactly the same amount. Apparently they "want" women to talk "less" than the man.

"Apparently, they took various dialogs and, for each dialog, recorded it being read by two women, by two men, by a man and a woman, or by a woman and a man. When a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, are reading the dialog, listeners judged each of them to be taking about equal time; when a man and a woman are reading the same dialog, listeners (male or female) consistently judged the woman to be talking more."

It's also cool to think - what does it mean to talk more quickly? More words per minute? But what if someone just takes longer pauses? Or takes more pauses? Uses shorter words so they fit more words in? What if one person talks quickly with long words, and someone else talks slowly with short words. They could both get in the same words per minute ...

Shoot - I've been beaten out on this research too. Apparently Brizendine has already admitted this was false too.

UK Guardian Article on Speed of Speech

"When I reach Brizendine, just as she is crossing the Golden Gate bridge, she tells me that she has accepted the criticism of the numbers quoted in the book - on both volume of words and rate of speech - and will be deleting them from future editions. Nor will they appear in the UK edition, to be published by Bantam in April."

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