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Day 2

I woke up about 3pm which was over 24 hours from when my tooth was pulled at 2pm yesterday. I had gotten 8 hours of "real sleep" plus another 3 hours before that of laying in bed not falling asleep :) So still, a good amount of laying still rest period. When I woke up there wasn't any off sensation in my mouth at all. No mild tingling, no tiny throbbing, it just felt like a mouth. I was very careful to move slowly, to not wiggle my face or tongue around, to take it easy. For breakfast I had my traditional EAS protein shake with ice cubes that I always have. I did try to mostly drink it down the left (unharmed) side of my mouth. I had a glass of water after that to keep the mouth area clean.

By 6pm I was hungry again, so Bob again made me chicken broth with herbs and then cooled it down to a lukewarm temperature. It was certainly lovely, but I am feeling a bit disappointed because today is our 13th anniversary. I would love to have filet mignon and asparagus and a lovely cabernet. Instead I am sipping soup and trying to catch up on my email. I got up over 500 messages during the quiet time. I now have it back down to 274 messages which is progress ... however, doing this removes some of the calm and peace of my world ;) The email messages often tend to have emergencies or problem issues to solve. I guess that's the tradeoff of life!

9:20pm. Nice to report still no pain. I can sense that there would be pain if I let my blood pressure go up, if I moved my mouth too much. I get twinges if I smile by accident ;) So I am trying to retain the calm and peace and focus. It's an exercise in patience! It's sort of funny because it's a built in feedback mechanism. If I start to get wound up about something, I can feel the warning in my tooth area.

Bob was going to go out last night to do some bike shop work and I threatened to report his abandonment in the blog ;) He stayed home ;) However he went out for 2 hours this afternoon and 3 hours tonight. Luckily in my pain-free existence it's really not a problem. I just thought I'd mention it to torment him :)

Really, after this point there was no problem at all. When I went in for my follow-up visit the dentist said that everything was healing perfectly. I had continued with lukewarm soup for a few days and then moved on to soft foods like cream of wheat. It was probably a week or so before I started having "regular food" again. I had no issues, no pain, no problems!

At a dental checkup on November 19th - so a few months later - the xray showed that the area was healing up nicely where the tooth had been. No problems at all!

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