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The First 12 Hours

My wisdom tooth procedure was done at 2:10pm on Tuesday. By 2:20pm I was heading home (my boyfriend drove).

About a half hour later my tongue and cheek began to feel puffy. Not hurting at all, but I could feel puffiness there.

The rule for swelling is to use ice - 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. So at just about 1 hour after the procedure was done I had an ice pack on (3:04pm). Ten minutes later I had my ice pack off (3:14pm).

By then it was time to remove the initial gause. I did actually take a photo of it :) I took it out very carefully, it did have blood on it but wasn't completely soaked. I moistened a new one and put it in.

So as you can see, bloody but not soaked.

Another ten minutes, the ice went back on (3:26pm). Another ten minutes, ice comes off (3:40pm). You got it, another ten minutes, ice goes on (3:50pm).

Note that it's actually 3:50pm right now - I.e. I am typing this while I have my head tilted to hold the ice pack against my head. I figured I should document as I went so it was fresh in my mind! There is no pain at all yet, just the coldness from the ice pack. Even my tongue is feeling back to normal again.

4:01pm (1:50 minutes) ice pack off. Jilly reminds me in our IM chats to comment that the dentist told Bob that my tooth extraction is the easiest he's ever done in his career. We're lucky, our dentist is a professor at a dental university so he's really good.

4:05pm (~ 2 hrs) I switch the gauze again. It's still fairly bloody. Part of the problem is it's hard to "press" the gauze down because there's no tooth oppose it to press with. I am now trying to press down against the gauze with my tongue, we'll see how long I can do that before my tongue gets tired.

In this image the second one I used is the one in the center.

4:15pm (2 hrs 10 min after) - ice pack on again! Tongue feels normal, cheek still feels a little puffy, trying to push the gauze against the hole with my tongue.

4:25pm - ice pack off. 4:35pm - ice pack on. 4:45 - ice pack off.

4:50pm - time to change the gauze again. It's still bloody. Bob thinks I'm not pressing down hard enough on the gauze. 4:55 ice pack on. 5:07pm - ice pack off.

So we're at 3 hours now, still no pain, I've been online keeping notes so I've been awake and aware. The only real issue right now is to figure out how to get the bleeding to slow.

5:22pm - Deb is now IMming me. She told me to actually lay down and rest to get the bleeding to stop and worry less about the icing. I will try laying down for an hour without updates or touching the gauze and see how that helps.

6:22pm - changed gauze, still bleeding. Just finished watching a DVRed Closer episode. Now "No Reservations" is on. This is going to be torture, I can tell, watching about delicious food while I can't eat.

7:08pm - yup. Torture. Bob is going to make me some cold chicken broth (i.e. cook some lovely chicken broth with herbs and then cool it down). Consumme if you will. He offered to liven it up with egg but I think I'll leave that for my next meal, when I can try it warm rather than cool. On a separate note I haven't done any ice and the swelling seems fine (i.e. just a tiny bit). It hasn't started to hurt yet. No drugs yet (beyond the initial injections). Bob is suggesting I preemptively take some but I want to tough it out, for documentation purposes. I am a Roman Legionnaire after all. We can take pain.

7:27pm - gauze change, still bloody. Hmmmm. We'll try another gauze then go for the tea bag.

7:30pm - starting to get a little tender. By 7:55pm it was an odd tingling (6 hrs post-pull). When we pulled out the gauze at 8:15pm it still was the same level of bloody as previous ones so now we're upgrading to a gauze soaked in tea, to get the tannins in there. The sensation was still odd tingling level. Sort of localized around the tooth area, mostly "in the cheek". So we're soaking 2 tea bags in 2oz of water in a ramekin to make super strong tea to then put the gauze in it. We don't want to use an actual tea bag lest the tea leaves get loose and into places they shouldn't be. In "No Reservations" there are currently no food scenes so I'm set there :)

8:52pm - about the 7 hour checkmark. The dentist just called to see how I was doing. He said it should be clotting by now and to stop using the gauze. I had a tiny amount of Bob's orange sherbert and still haven't had any pain medication. There's perhaps a tiny dull throb in the upper cheek area, but nothing really that I notice. The movie is over ... I'm wishing I had the gauze in my mouth just to keep that area clean and safe, but I'm trusting in the dentist.

9:51pm - 8 hour checkmark. I had an EAS shake and then a half glass of water. Watching Ice Road Truckers. There's maybe a tiny bit of dull throbbing in my cheek, but nothing really. I am thinking of it as happy little red blood cells rebuilding my skin, I am curious if I can get through this without any pain medication. I do understand that if I get into pain it will harm my rebuilding powers to let it continue but so far I figure if I don't have pain that I should let my body do its thing peacefully.

10:13pm - falling asleep in front of the olympics. A strange tingling from my right ear down to my right lips, Bob is wondering if the Novicaine is still in my system.

10:50pm - another EAS shake while laying on the futon with a blanket. Still only the minorest of throbbing. I do want to note if I move my tongue around I can "cause" pain so I think if I wasn't so quiet and peaceful that I could be in pain. I am visualizing happy little red blood cells and white blood cells rebuilding my bone and skin in white healing light :) Water after the shake to keep my mouth clean. It's now almost 9 hours after the pulling.

12:21am - over 10 hours now. Some random golf thing on that Bob's watching. I'm drinking some water and some lukewarm chamomile tea. Still no painkillers, still no real pain. Not even any fake pain really ;) Again I can "make" pain if I move my tongue around but resting still in meditative calm works very well. Tea note - it's the Tazo 'calm' with chamomile, rose petals and 'soothing herbs'. Quite lovely.

3:00am - after being half asleep on the futon for several hours I went up to actually try to sleep. I'm not good at falling asleep so I think I finally did really fall asleep about 7am.

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