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XRay and Pre-Visit

When it finally became clear that my teeth were all going to end up ziggy-zaggy because of this wisdom tooth coming in, I called my dentist to see what the options were. They told me that a preliminary "consultation" visit would be free, so I might as well come in and talk with them about what I could do. Sounded good to me! I signed up.

It was supposed to be a super quick appointment, but somehow I had to sit there for a full hour, in a consult room, before the dentist was able to come in and see me. During that time I did spend 5 minutes in a full head xray machine. The image looked like this:

dental xray

Note if I get in a car accident and am burned beyond all recognition, you all can now help to identify me! The power of the web :)

So if you look at the top left of the image, that's the wisdom tooth poking in. I don't have any other wisdom teeth - I simply was born without them. Lucky me! For the curious, I have a filling on my lower left tooth (lower right in the image) and a crown on my upper left tooth (upper right in the image).

The actual consult was about 5 minutes. He said it would be super easy to do and I should be able to do it just with an injected painkiller. I had REALLY wanted to be completely knocked out - I am very afraid of needles - but I gave in and agreed. We set up the appointment for a week later.

As it happened, my boyfriend's tooth broke shortly after that meeting so he grabbed my appointment and got his tooth yanked then instead. I had to wait another 3 weeks before I could go in for my wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips and Photos

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