Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance

I’m now polishing Believing Your Eyes – A Medieval Romance. This was the second novel I wrote, back in my early 20s. When I finally decided to publish my novels in 2011, I published this one ninth (out of ten), very late in the process. That way I could spend a lot of time tweaking it after I’d gotten feedback from the other novels. I wanted to leave Believing Your Eyes until late in the process because it tackles some fairly serious issues and I wanted to be sure I handled them as well as I could.

So it’s intriguing. While doing this polishing run right now, I did only light polishing on the first eight novels. For example, I made minor tweaks to remove “she began to” types of passive language. Here, though, I’m already embarking on more intense changes. I wonder why. I would have thought, with this being my ninth book published, that I would have been settled in my writing style by then. Maybe with the topic itself being serious, I focused more on that?