No Complain

No Complain Reboot 13 Day 1 🙂 LOL. Still aiming for that 5 day elusive goal. Today it was that the kitchen was so full of plants, dirty dishes, printers, old stereos, etc., that there wasn’t one clear spot to put down the mail. I snapped :).

And then I took a deep breath, and Bob helped out. We got all the plants outside, now that the last cold night has finally passed. I did two loads of dishes. I have all the printers and stereos documented on craigslist now and they’re going upstairs to wait for the requests to come in. I hung up the jackets. So now I’m really happy, because the kitchen and dining area are in great shape.

So I have to learn to take that deep breath when I hit the challenge, and pause. Really, in the grand scheme of things, having a temporarily dirty kitchen isn’t that bad.


Only ten minutes away from the 10pm meditation! Pull up a comfy pillow, have a glass of water, and open your mind to serenity!

Lovely meditation, 20.4 minutes 🙂 iTunes tells me so. The list is:

Orinoco Flow / Enya
Only Time / Enya
Watermark / Enya
A Day Without Rain / Enya
Hamlet / Ennio Morricone
Progeny / Gladiator
Suite for Solo Cello 1 G Major / Yo-Yo Ma