No Complain Project – Reboot 17

OK I made it to 15 days before complaining, so that isn’t too bad! That means I am now on Reboot 17, Day 2. Yesterday was just SO hot, and I knew I was tired and cranky. And then my FTP software wasn’t working, and I was worn down and frustrated. So I complained about it. So lesson to self – when it’s hot, drink more ice water! And turn on the fan. Life gets so much better 🙂 Really, the FTP issue wasn’t a huge deal. Bob gave me a hand, it got fixed, and life went on!

Happy Summer Solstice!

It is exactly 1:04am EST – the peak of the Summer Solstice! Somewhere over China the sun is at its very highest point in the sky. For the rest of us, we light fires, celebrate the glow, and soak in the beauty of summer.

A perfect way to celebrate is to read the Summer Solstice issue of the Mused Literary Magazine! It features gorgeous poetry, beautiful photos, and touching stories. Enjoy!

Summer Solstice Issue of Mused Literary Review