Sci-Fi Space Novel

My sci-fi space fantasy is now at 180 pages, 47k words. New plan, maybe I can finish this off before August 1st. Then I can clear my head and be fully focused for the murder mystery novel. I think I have about five chapters left to write out. I should be able to do a chapter a day – that’s traditional NaNoWriMo speed.

… LOL ok this is getting worse. Now my sci-fi-space story has 191 pages / 51k words but has 6 chapters left to go. It’s expanding as I write.

Passions of Being a Writer

The night before last, even though I have two medieval novels pending plus a modern murder mystery about to begin, I was drawn to work on my near-future-bleak-fantasy novel that I started a year or so ago. I hoped by working on it that I’d get that out of my system before I began my chapter-a-day murder mystery on August 1.

So then LAST night it was even stranger. I felt strongly called to work on my sci-fi-space-fantasy, one I’d been working on since probably 1990 and which I hadn’t touched in over a year. I have 38,000 words done on it and “know” the whole story in my head but haven’t ever written it all out. For some reason I really want to work on that right now.

Have you had that happen, where you “should” work on one project but you crave working on another?