Craigslist Scammer Warning 2 – Tutors

I’ve received another response to my CraigsList posting for tutoring. Look familiar? ūüôā


¬†Thanks for getting back to me,am JERRY my daughter is coming ¬†for an holiday in your city,Her name is Juliet and she is 17 years old.I want her to get busy during the day,because i will be out of state for business trip for a month or over,that is why i want her to be in lesson ……i have decided to let her attend your lesson and she will be coming for 2 hour in a day,get back to me with your own convenient schedule time and days you want my daughter to be coming for lesson. I want the lesson 2hours a day and 3 days a week.Moreover when will you be available to start with my daughter,i have Someone that will always drive her down to your lesson center and i assign with a Nanny to take care of her as well….I will be happy if you can help my daughter because she is highly interested in studying and she can’t avoid to miss it,moreover i will be paying your charges with my PAY check cause am out of state..and i will be happy if you can show her some love,Kindly get back to me with your information below:
Full ADDRESS WITH ZIP CODE….(not p.o box)
YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER…(i can text you)
Note: You are to get back to me with your charges and schedule date and time for the lesson.
The reason why i need the information is that the payment will be sent to you through USPS Or FedEx Courier,So that the courier can deliver the payment to you. Hope you understand me now.Thanks and hope to read from you soon
Best Regards.”

I’m writing these scammers and asking for cash. We’ll see what they say :).

Craigslist Scam Warning

Craigslist Scam Warning: I have a post for offering writing tutor services. I received this message:

“Thanks for getting back to me, ¬†my son is coming for an holiday in your area, My son name is Eric and is 15 years old .I want him to be busy in the time of the day, because I’m out of state ¬†for business trip for a month,that is why i want him to be busy with a lesson with the period, I want you to calculate the cost of 2 ¬†hour per day for two days in week for the whole a Month and ¬†email me ¬†the total cost, and i have someone that will always drives him down to your lesson centre. get back to me with your convinient day and time ¬†Kindly get back to me with your ¬†information below to be on the check…..

Thanks and hope to read from you soon.
With Best Regards”
– this is a KNOWN SCAM. If you get a message similar to this, don’t send them any info. The check they send will bounce, and they’ll ask for cash back during the middle stage. If anything, ask them for cash up front and see what they say :).