Forgiveness and Money

Day 10 / Forgiveness and money. So many relationships collapse due to money issues. So many lives are stressed because of money. We get surrounded by images of things we “must have” – kids whine because they’re poor, while they’re playing with smart phones and watching large-screen TVs. Adults buy things on credit cards and are unable to pay them off. We spin our wheels on tasks which bring in little money.

I think this is a good topic for many of us to ponder. How do we feel about money? Are we upset about it? Envious? Petulant? Do we feel we deserve more? Ashamed we don’t have enough? Think of all the better ways that energy could be used!

Imagine you’re a waitress. If all day you’re grumpy about money, your customers probably sense that unhappiness and don’t give great tips. But if you’re smiling and happy, and radiate joy while you help each table, you probably get larger tips. And that then equals more money :).

Or at work if you’re a happy, focused, team-building person, you probably get more raises and promotions on average than the distracted, grumpy person.